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Art Cairo Fair 2023

A selection of works displayed at the Cairo Art Fair, held in the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Alongside works by Taha Belal, the showcase was a collaboration between Gypsum gallery and Le Lab design gallery.

The three paintings tease perspectives and logic with small glimpses of narratives that dissolve in and out of surreal spaces. Still exploring the visceral relationship between the human body and its spatial surroundings, Baraka is more inspired here by the playful and unlimited possibility found in comics.



Spears and Goggles, acrylic and oil on linen,200 x 160 cm, 2023.

Whirlwind, acrylic and oil on linen, 160 x 160 cm, 2023.

Nocturnal fate, acrylic and oil on linen, 155 x 150 cm, 2023.