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Tea time with my lungs

It Dangles It’ll Come Off

Group exhibition Tea Time With My Lungs featured three artists; Marwan El Gamal, Nada Baraka, and Soha Elsirgany exploring relationships between the human body, narratives, and spaces.

Their works consider ways in which the body’s organs and systems create internal, often unreliable, narratives in response to exterior happenings.

Between memories, coping mechanisms, traumas, and other incidents, the body becomes a hosting space – a theatre, room, city, or landscape – for
these narratives to play out.

Nada Baraka’s series of paintings offer a visual translation of trauma and the chain reaction it sets off.

Imagining interior spaces as parts of a city undergoing hundreds of small, secret, undefined processes, building up to a volcanic metamorphosis.

She captures the tension in moments when the body is on the verge of a tipping point, within a space that collapses as it expands and develops.